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Frequently Asked Questions

›› What is Parallel Thinking?

It is a process and philosophical approach to problem identification that engages the collective knowledge of the team, in a way that overcomes momentum thinking™, to define unexpected solutions that eliminate internal and marketplace obstacles to achieving your business goals.

›› What is momentum thinking?

  Momentum thinking is the current mindset in many corporations that has evolved from the pressure of conventional thinking, which results in the suppression of creativity
  Knowledge that comes from years of focus builds conventional wisdom
  Conventional wisdom reinforces entrenched behaviors
  Entrenched behavior limits creative thinking
  Limited creative thinking reduces competitive edge
›› What is the difference between Parallel Thinking and other marketing/branding consultants?
  Many consultants and advisors assume the role of guru. They are smart, have experience, have written books. They conduct interviews, review research, commission research, point out what you are doing wrong and offer their solution.
  Parallel Thinking believes that no consultant will ever know as much about your business/product/category as you and your team does. This knowledge, however, is often obfuscated by the cloud of conventional wisdom. Parallel Thinking brings extensive marketplace experience and the unique ability to get you and your team to suspend conventional wisdom so the collective experience of the group can be directed to clearly define obstacles to success. This approach frees latent creative thinking to develop actionable plans to achieve your goals.
  Parallel Thinking is a strategic guide that enables assisted self-discovery

›› What does Parallel Thinking bring to the table versus the guru approach?
      The marketing guru
  Provides observations
  Challenges thinking
  Defines the problem for you
  Develops and presents solutions
      The Experienced Strategic Guide - Parallel Thinking
  Guides assisted self-discovery
  Changes the way you and your team think
  Cultivates the teams ability to identify and define root cause problems
  Packages and presents your “out-of-the-box” thinking as practical solutions
›› What are the benefits of engaging Parallel Thinking?

  Your team is fully engaged
  All key stakeholders have active, on-going input
  Participants learn how to overcome momentum thinking™
  The entire team speaks with one, unified voice (a la successful political campaigns)
  Your team clearly defines the root cause obstacles to achieving your goals and thereby avoids the trap of solving the wrong problem, precisely
  Likelihood of one-off or opportunistic programs being off strategy is minimized because everyone is fully invested in the positioning/messaging platform
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